From the wilderness they emerged
From the wilderness they emerged

Sketches for Mannikin Dreams and Despair
© 2010 by Duane Kirby Jensen

Note: Text in sketch is rough. The content below shows revision and my be revised again once moving to the painting stage.

From the wilderness they emerged

Days turned months, they continued to move forward, slowed only by curious minds that sought out knowledge and experience. No matter what they learned, each still felt an emptiness that did not allow them to halt. At times, they almost begun to believe that the barren land and the walls that once confined them, where the only thing within existence, besides themselves.

Those half remembered beings and words describing tall buildings teaming with creatures almost like themselves, where the stuff of legion and fairy-tale. But know they beheld a city. One that might offer answers to their increasing number of questions that continue to drive them forward. That vision, such magnificence rising out of the empty, rekindled that which had almost wand over the meany months trekking over the barren landscape.

Unleashing an untamed wildness within.... to run, unhaltered.

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