Upon Entering the City of Men
Upon Entering the City of Men

Sketches for Mannikin Dreams and Despair
© 2010 by Duane Kirby Jensen

Note: Text in sketch is rough. The content below shows revision and my be revised again once moving to the painting stage.

Upon Entering the City of Men

In shock, humans come to a standstill. Awed, some jaws dropped, others pointed fingers, a few crossed themselves while saying a silent pray, and others patted the piece they carried just in case. No where was there a welcoming face. Only angry and confused gazes that witnessed the cavalcade of mannikins moving under their own propulsion.

The mannikins quest for understanding having lead them out of the deserted landscape and into the city of men. Still struggling to discover their role in the world and beyond. For, if one thing was sure within their conception of existence, something must exist the boundaries of the tangible world.

Suddenly, they too ceased motion. Fixated, their eyes rested upon the words: “Looking for your path? Open yourself to the light.”

Side Bar

Refugees seeking a home, a purpose...
upon such fate the world may change...
or at least the perspective
upon which people build their beliefs.

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