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Looking for the perfect piece! I love them all!
-- Megan Q, 1/22/21

It is amazing how much of yourself you have put out in the world! You are an inspiration to me. I hope to one day be as prolific as you!!
-- William Lindberg, 9/13/19

Hi! Merry Christmas!
-- Alicen Burke, 12/25/13

Nice website. I was looking for your latest painting to look up the price.
-- Leslie Buell, 10/26/13

Always a friend and a fan of Duane Kirby Jensen. Your art improves and continues to impress. Fantastic guy
-- Lisa Nicolette Aubert, 1/1/13

You are one of my special people
-- Kate Wolstencroft-ryan, 1/12/12

Nice Interior Design work in Lauretta's are indeed a man of many talents. Thank you for your kindnesses to my old friend.
-- Suzie, 12/8/11

You are one of the must inspiring artist and poet of this generation! I am glad to be in your site!! I adore you!!!
-- Cornelius Bakas, 10/28/11

Nice meeting you at the Pizza Party!!
-- Suzie, 5/22/11

I'm so happy with your invitatiom, to be able again to be in touch with you and your poetry and art is a nless to me... I'm happy. Very.
-- Jacquie, 3/23/11

Dear Duane! It has been some time now since I last visited your world. I find the superb series of the Mannikin dreams hosted by the site and telling me "contact for price"... Oh, well, I would like, so I contact for price! "She looks at him, as he lays sleeping, and knows, he is already gone", marvel
-- Joce, 3/13/11

I am nearly in tears...I am so truly touched and grateful that our paths have crossed. We have been dancing around each other in social circles, and now at last we meet. I am moved beyond words by your art and writing...but even more so, by what provokes and inspires you. Your biography. How you spoke of that place of "feeling" and allowing your brush to work from that place- I said "YES!" I have always called my abstracts as "painting emotion" so I know exactly what you are speaking of...yet I have not mastered this art of being able to visualize the work before it kisses creation. You have tapped into this ability without compensating that raw, organic, deep seated marrow of emotion. My respect...truly. Looking forward to more~ Namaste~
-- Leila A. Fortier, 1/17/11

I awe!
-- Nic St. James, 1/14/11

It has been a pleasure and delight to meet you. Very provocative,creative with a very unique way of painting.
-- Cristina Homem De Mello, 12/9/10

A fan for all days..
-- Lauri Langston, 10/6/10

Hi Duane! We're looking forward to your exhibit. See you then~
-- Alicen And Matt Burke, 9/11/10

A wonderful site Duane~ alicia
-- Alicia Winski, 9/9/10

-- Elizabeth, 8/27/10

Thanks for sharing your paintings. Your titles are great -- like poems.
-- Jb, 8/14/10

wonderful art Duane, nice site! :)
-- Don Dozier, 8/12/10