From Out of the Desert Spring Hope.
© 2017 By Duane Kirby Jensen, 6 x 8 on Claybord

"I love your art; your work; your translation of the world."
Jodi Wikum Jaap (6.9.17)

The rains finally returned to the land...
but there were no humans to welcome it.
© 2015 By Duane Kirby Jensen, 10 x 8”, 
Ink, scratch tool on claybord

Jude Adebosoye Ogunade (Facebook 2.23.15) There was a day, in those days of my famine, I went out to work, and returned late, of course, I thought, Sis Bukky would have prepared some food for 'us'...but when I came, the fufu was not grounded/milled on time, so I had to endure another five hours of waiting, so i fell asleep, when the food was ready, i was woken by one of the twins to come and eat, i couldn't eat, the pang was gone, no desire for the food again (not minding that in those days, I would require another one hour to finish eating it - the way ulcer 'dabira' to my stomach in those days? - hmn?!). Then Sis Bukky said something akin to your caption on your painting. Great work, this is my first time of seeing rain depicted in a painting and it's so real! Yes, the land was famished, the famine took all the vegetation, the livestock and the men! PITY! THE RAIN CAME TOO LATE!

Tokens of Tactile Memories 4:
© 2015 By Duane Kirby Jensen, 
7 x 10”, Ink on paper

The Bell that Once Hung On My Mother's Front Door... 
Now Hangs From a Limb in my Living Room - It Chimes Every time I Take A Step.

Sea Shells from Shi Shi - 1988 - twenty-two days that Redirected my Life

Arrow Stone - found scrambling up Iodine Gulch 
- 1994 - My First Encounter With A Mountain Goat

Tihana Resch Ex Novosel (Facebook 1.5.15)This is beautiful. It warms me. I have many items like this inside my treasure box and all around the house. They are such pleasant reminders on certain moments.

Lana Hechtman Ayers Duane, Your art is poetry and jazz and the swell of a storm-tossed sea all at once.
(Facebook 8.31.15)
The cover, an original work of art When The Believers Try To Silence Their Gods by Duane Kirby Jensen, adorns the front of this book. When I saw the work in 2014, I knew it HAD to be the cover of my book.... Christopher J. Jarmick

"Dreamy. Great work, Duane. Said Tihana Resch Ex Novosel, she then added,  "the way you use color is amazing...your paintings are always full of depth, I am mesmerized every time you post something new. You are an outstanding artist my friend."

Facebook 1.14.16

For years he remained stoic, but finally his tears flowed
© 2018 By Duane Kirby Jensen, 
5.5 x 8.5 ink on watercolor paper
"Beautiful, emotional, full of genuine feelings work. Makes ME want to cry.  I especially like their hands.  It makes me feel a moment of that kind and reminds me what art is supposed to do. ❤"
Gretchen Adreon , January 2, 2018 Facebook.

The Trickster continues to have game after 45-years of hard livi
Wow. . . this one is really different, I can stare at it for a while certainly Duane Kirby Jensen. My favorite detail is the line of pastel that looks like part of a hand, a good mystery. A proper capture leaves much unsaid, the only way to know you've caught the whole picture. This is a strange world to enter with your eyes, and many questions will crop up. Duane Kirby Jensenis very generous but do yourself a favor and don't ask them, it will ruin it. I really like the atmosphere here Duane Kirby Jensen, normally I connect with a stylized statement you are making, whereas this one is all atmosphere (the statement escapes me and I would likely disagree with you if you told me), the connection is only the tip of a finger which makes you both frightened and welcomed, intrigued for the latter's sake even. This whispy thin connection, in some ways might be stronger because the only proper approach to it is to put yourself in a foreign vulnerability as opposed to manipulating your empathy; it is stronger because you are observing something which is fresh to your senses, instead of forcing you to relate, it forces you to accept and form your own statement. I think the piece is both eerie and endearing and some of his best work to date.

Your skills of precision have improved D, your earlier work just left me with a statement. The statement here is delightfully ambiguous because of what I presume is your ability to craft images in the exact condition as they arrived in your mind's eye (if I could do that, I would have SO much more to contribute). We are left with so much more than your statement, dozens of statements, a daydream; the adventure of a rabbit hole. I am ranting, sorry about that. I think this is what great paintings are made of: you can't look on it only once.

Matthew Catanzano, February 2018 Facebook

3.3.18: Here is a poem by Kate Lamberg posetd on Facebook today. It was inspired by my painting: After the Carnival © 2018 By Duane Kirby Jensen, 5.5 x 8.5 ink on watercolor paper.
a modern fable, after witnessing Duane Kirby Jensen's painting

after the circus, disappointment set in like rubber cement
her longing for being with him, and his longing
for being with her had not changed
it was just the atmosphere: the noise, the smell of old roasted peanuts, the glaring gaudy lights of neon commanding attention away from what they really wanted to do---which was as simple as jumping rope: holding hands away from the interfering crowds, the loud boisterous bow wowing
now nature holds them captive 
promising more hands to hold heaven in palms
and fixated on crowns sharing stories of infinite summer nights
on sharing stories, being little beveled mirrors for each other
being seen by icicles and robins, trees fringed in green, 
and all the colors in between his neat green tree house, and her 
cool blue house boat--being little beveled mirrors for each other

~kate lamberg (c) '18

They came to witness the truth of the devastation, but each is u
"You paint the soul of humanity"
Doreen Deutsch Spungin 
Facebook November 23, 2018

"He said what...?" Each leaned in as the gossip became juicier.
© 2019 By Duane Kirby Jensen, 
9 x 12 watercolor, ink, and graphite on watercolor paper
David Simmons Wonderful!  We see so much commercial art day to day that it’s like a breath of fresh air to see “real art” that is thoughtfully created + stirs our awareness + imagination like a great song or poem or novel...

8.8.19 On Facebook.

The man who walked with blind belief in his leaders, never asked how his shoes became soaked with blood.
© 2019 By Duane Kirby Jensen,
9 x 12 ink, on watercolor paper

Linda Bennett "Wow is a wonderful word to let someone know how you feel about something that they have said or done! Your imagination is splashed on canvas and when your audience looks at your work, they are in a since looking into your mind!"

12.18.19 Facebook

"You are such devastating Artist my friend"
1.7.2020 / Facebook
A land where water is worth more then gold, where silence and a good ear might hear a bee or two that might lead you to a hidden spring.
© 2020 By Duane Kirby Jensen,
9 x 12 acrylic on watercolor paper

"Duane you have captured the controlled frenzy that's amongst us.
Perfect depiction. Terror."

Lauri Langston
3.18.2020 / Facebook
The fading of faces in uncertain times.
© 2020 By Duane Kirby Jensen,
9 x 12 watercolor wash and pen sketch on watercolor paper.

He weeps and moans as he stands before the five open graves of h

He weeps and moans as he stands before the five open graves of his family.
© 2020 By Duane Kirby Jensen,
5.5 x 8.5 watercolor and pen on watercolor paper.

I mourn for all the souls that this applies to . . . Thank you for painting it Duane.

Love this style, and always your perspective.

 - thank you. U wonder if my perspective is due to a lack of depth perception.?

I think you have a universe perception that escapes into the sadness and revelations of your art.
The hollowing of the unenlightened American mind as its genetics descend into oblivion #1.
© 2020 By Duane Kirby Jensen,
5.5 x 8.5 watercolor and pen on watercolor paper.

5.6.2021: This was said about the painting  on right.

"This morning, trying to put something into words about your work, I realize you have created an entire world. The consummate artist, you."
 - Doreen Deutsch Spungin (On Facebook)

Title: He was cut deep by her lack of faith in his ability to make something of himself.
© 2021 By Duane Kirby Jensen,
7 x 7 ink and pen sketch on yupo medium.


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