"I love your art; your work; your translation of the world."
- Jodi Wikum Jaap 
"You paint the soul of humanity"
Doreen Deutsch Spungin 
"You are such devastating Artist my friend"
1.7.2020 / Facebook

Holding a copy of 
Art Chowder: Arts + Culture Magazine 
(May-June 2023 - Issue 45)
Seer and Speaker of the
the art and poetry of Duane Kirby Jensen
by M J Hudon

Learn more about the emotional and compelling artwork of Duane Kirby Jensen in an article by M.J. Hudon called "Seer and Speaker of the Broken Soul." https://joom.ag/wK8d/p42

My artwork is in another magazine, Beneath Your Beautiful Magazine. It can be viewed on-line. It also has a print on demand option.
You can find my work on page 30-37. Seven pull page paintings and one of text.
I am thrilled they welcomed me into their magazine.


Six photos of the artist contemplating the completion of his painting Static surrounding calm on the night of June 13, 2023
© 2023 By Duane Kirby Jensen, 


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Thanks Duane.... for all you do and the great support!
-- Karla Matzke, 4/2/11