Poetry and poetry Books by Duane Kirby Jensen
Your artwork and poetry look beautiful side by side.
-- Shannon, 9/29/13

very good duane i m aiming at the same... have enjoyed your words for years and will plan to purchase soon!
-- Dawn Hawks, 5/11/13

-- Tihana Resch, 5/11/13

You rock! Awesome work my friend!!!
-- Judith Jackson, 5/6/13

Duane Kirby JensenThanks Sharon. This page got launched before being full updated. I should have everything in shape tomarrow. I'll let you know.
-- Duane Kirby Jensen, 5/6/13

Totally Awesome Duane!! So you are a painter, a poet, and a publisher. You are now deemed The Three P's. Can't wait to read a book! Let me know where I can purchase one. :)
-- Sharon Meixsell, 5/6/13

Duane you are such an inspiration! Your work is beautiful!! David, you are the best!!!
-- Michelle L. O'Dea, 5/6/13

Duane Kirby JensenDavid L. White, are you still in working at the library or living in Everett? If so we could meet up and saving shipping. Plus you could check out the books. More have been added.
-- Duane Kirby Jensen, 5/6/13

Very nice! Where do I send my $$? :)
-- David L. White, 5/6/13