I Cannot Remember Their Names - Second Edition (New cover and layout)
I Cannot Remember Their Names - Second Edition (New cover and layout)

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NOTE: This Book is now out of print.

I Cannot Remember Their Names
Selected Poems January-June 2011
By Duane Kirby Jensen
This edition features thirty-one poems covering a wide range of subjects.
Two sample poems:
Blue Eyes
Such – beautiful – blue-eyed-sadness
wrapped in a white dress that covers
a body – yearning for touch – for tender,
yet manly touch. Your lips part – and wait,
and wait, and wait – for warm lips to respond
to your longing. A first kiss that will unlock
your becoming – and usher in the death
of innocence.
Your eyes are the eyes of Ophelia,
before she slipped – beneath,
the purity of a cool brook.
I see you – a creature of flesh – and wonder,
how did you escape – those ink-stained-pages
of Bronte?
The Lizard

I glimpse a dried contorted lizard,
more shell – emptied by heat and time,
laid out for view – upon my living-room floor,
forenoon light glistens upon whiskey-tinted skin.
I wonder, "How did he come here?"
in my third floor apartment
that looks over a saltwater bay.
I unseat – walk – kneel.
No lizard. No skin.
Floor-lint – twisted by wind through open window
has formed: tail – feet – head,
pantomiming a painful death.
Pretending to be something – that it never was.
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