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Schrödinger continues to look for his cat - which no one claims to have seen - as Tesla and Edison retreat into a cave to debate who should have what credit and the ethics of claiming someones elses creations for ones own. 
Meanwhile, Einstein, Gribbin and Feynman debate the minutia of quantum physics, while laying bets on who will win a fist fight between Edison and Tesla - if one should break out.
Taken place beyond their sight, as time and pace slip into and out of phase,one of the forgotten gods plucks a bulb person out of their time, then crushes them to death, creating a causation of a rabbit pitched scream that caroms across the land and makes the steam-punk girl in forest green spin her hula hoops faster and faster as if she is summoning help from hell.

© 2014 By Duane Kirby Jensen, 
22 1/4 x 30 - Mixed Media on Paper

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