Sketches for Mannikin Dreams and Despair
© 2011 by Duane Kirby Jensen

Note: Text in sketch is rough. The content below shows revision and my be revised again once moving to the painting stage.


Deep into their second exodus, they have continued to trek through the wastelands seeking solace and answers to their enduring questions. Mourning and missing their fallen kin, trying to come to terms with the violence that had befallen them.

Tirelessly they moved, exploring hills and valleys, caves, and flat-lands, following that whisper that summoned them forever onward, unhindered by fatigue. Within this solitude they continued to debate and question the nature of identity and recognized that their minds were deep wells waiting to be filled.

Time, still a foreign subject, they continued forth, until one day light pushed away darkness and they stood before grand ruins. They halted recognizing this as the work of the race of man, they looked quickly for signs of life, of violence ready to ebb into action. All was silent. They inch forward, again, curiosity driving them onward, up steps and towards doors that stood higher then the tallest of them.

Side Bar

A simple questioning fuels the fire of self-discovery
horizons fall behind forward movement,
that need to taste fresh wind
keeps eyes looking skyward
until the language of the universe is understood.

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