Sketches for Mannikin Dreams and Despair
© 2011 by Duane Kirby Jensen

Note: Text in sketch is rough. The content below shows revision and my be revised again once moving to the painting stage.


He carried her limp form down the darkening ally, that same shadow had been invading his being since the humans struck down and spit upon friendship offered freely. No he, who was the first to shed a tear, knew blood must be shed to preserve their safety and carve out a homeland that they could call their own. He did not relish the coming days of blood upon sand, but he would not allow any more kinfolk to fall like cattle lead to slaughter. Those days had ended at the hands of men who claimed they were the mortal hands of god, carrying out his wrath.

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In thy name of the father
we are protected from sin
as we strike down the godless
who have no soul,
smiting abominations to dust
as we bath ourselves in holly communion.

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For those who have fallen
we offer tears, we offer remembrance,
we offer a promise –
we shall never again fall silently.
They shall know the power of our blade.

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