Sketches for Mannikin Dreams and Despair
© 2010 by Duane Kirby Jensen

Note: Text in sketch is rough. The content below shows revision and my be revised again once moving to the painting stage.


The a slow process, made even longer by the conscious mind swimming through questions of existence. Awareness of time pours molasses over ones patience as time becomes an object that is acknowledged and followed, and ones master. Were before, everything was in a constant state of being 'now.' No beginning. No end. Just now.

Even as he hungered for the ability to move, to propel himself with his own power, time slips into dominate his mind, bringing with it a constant state of dread. If time is true, then ones 'self' must have a finite existence. Instead of pursuing a life, he could already feel his body decaying.

Will the end bring him once more to his shelf? Will all he has come to know and will ever know, simply fade from existence or is there something beyond life. Mentally he lifts his eyes skyward, as if his head were here, and look beyond the blue, feeling an inner tug that his answers and salvation lay far beyond his ability to see.

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