Mannikin Dreams (Panel 2/3)
Mannikin Dreams (Panel 2/3)


Mannikin Dreams
(Panel 2/3)
© 2010 by Duane Kirby Jensen,
6 x 18 x 2 mixed media cradled claybord

The nature of being human

Mannikin Dreams: What is it to be human? Is it to be more then flesh and bone? More then red liquid pumping through veins? Is it thought, laughter, the ability to love, to sing, to dance, to dream? Or is it empathy: to feel the joy and sorrow of others? Is it the willingness to shed water, to sacrifice ones own flesh?

Is it the ability to question? How can a disassembled mannikin ever dare to think, to breathe, to dream of nimble movement, to gaze into the eternal silence and return with knowledge of the self? Is being human the ability to give form to something new that was only imagined? To create complex ideas? Or, is humanity the act of questioning the nature of the self?

Is it possessing a soul? The ability to have faith in something greater then ones self, or the exercise of free will to deny fealty and chose ones own path?

Can one love without first being human, or does that ability to surrender define humanity itself?

Vol 15 I 06 December 2010
exploring the realms of human possibility.

A synthesis of Spinoza and Pascal with a look at modern day ramifications on the nature of isolation and self awareness

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