Mannikin Dreams: Caged Desire
Mannikin Dreams: Caged Desire


Mannikin Dreams: Caged Desire
© 2010 by Duane Kirby Jensen, 8 x 8 x 2 mixed media cradled claybord
Caged Desire
Just as the buds of consciousness began to show, he was deconstructed and placed upon silent shelves, that failed to caged his ability to desire, to longing to pursue dialogue, to exchange ideas that he was struggling to grasp, to become more than he was.

It is as if he sits stillborn on the edge of the possible, all he surveyed kept with a scare room scattered with body parts, each less then the sum of their whole.
Shelved Dreams. No, he tells himself. I can still think. I can form words and see within me that something must exist beyond the bleakness of his surrounds. He must still have the ability to dream, or what, what if these thoughts are the dream? If so, were does he truly exists.
Panic grips him, as his mid runs frantically through a maze of ambiguity that obscures his understanding of his own identity. He begins the deconstruction of the self. Questioning his very formation while following times unending march to the disintegration of his being.

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