Pulp by Rachel Rosenberg

Pulp by Rachel Rosenberg
Pulp by Rachel Rosenberg


Pulp by Rachel Rosenberg.
She is a dynamic poet. Pulp is a collection of fun sexy poems exploring the nature of desire and relationships where the women is an equal participant.
It is a great read. 


About Rachel Rosenberg:

The Truth

Rachel Rosenberg is a 27-year-old lawyer/recent graduate of Lewis & Clark Law School and an alumnus of Kenyon College. She has been writing poetry for 19 years and performing it for the last three. Her poems have been published in a number of online and print journals, most recently in The Leaning House Press and The Sparrow Ghost Collective Anthology of Poetry: Vol.'s 1 and 2. Her love of words is intriguingly electrifying.

The Fun:

Rachel Rosenberg is a superhero; mild mannered lawyer by day, kickass poet by night. She swoops down onto stages throwing words of razor sharp wit, screaming her battle cry of “more pretzels, please!” Her utility belt is full of funny, sexy, and awkward-y. Meet Rachel Rosenberg; meet...Poetic Justice!
Upcoming Readings
November 9, 2015: The Vancouver Slam, Vancouver BC 7-10pm

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