a Lion called Winter
a Lion called Winter


a Lion called Winter 

Lion Love: an Introduction  
Poems by Benjamin Ari Beelman

38 page, paperback, stapled

About Benjamin Ari Beelman

Benjamin Ari Beelman aka Ben B the Truth is a Poet from Tampa Bay, FL. He came up in the Spoken-Word and Slam scene in 2010 under the mentorship of Elizabeth Straight-Wilt, Richard Girard, Walter Jennings and others. He is a part of the Misfits Slam Team (for life) and toured with Giddy on the “It’s Your World, Dream Peace” tour in the Summer of 2012. He has won poetry slams and been the featured artist at shows across the country from Tampa to Seattle and all over in between. Ben has a degree in Anthropology from the University of South Florida and this influence can be found in his poetry which aims to be educational, inspiring and celebrate diversity.

Ben’s biggest focus is youth poetry. He started a poetry club at his alma-mater – Dixie Hollins High School – and served as the poetry mentor/coach for 2 years. He has taught youth writing and performing workshops in Florida, South Dakota and California. He is a former AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers In Service to America) and leaves for the Peace Corps in June of 2014 where he will be serving as an English and Literacy Teacher in the Eastern Caribbean.

Ben loves life, his family, his friends and he believes we can make the world a better place one day at a time. He wants you to know that even in the face of capitalism, racism, inequality, exploitation and injustice it is possible to choose Joy. It is not wrong or weak to cry.

But guess what? There is also a story of what IS going right in the world. Of architects building a better South, of freedom fighters, freedom workers, protesters, grassroots movements, and people standing up for what is right even though they aren’t the main target of the oppression.

They don’t get the air time or the sponsorships or make the front page but they are there. There are more of us than anyone can imagine. Ben personally knows a whole heap who are on Fire. And everyday they touch other people and set them on HopeFire and spread the awakening and compassion necessary for the upcoming changes. Friends, the earth’s immune system is alive and kickin. Thoroughly spread out. If you want to know how you can help or join, holler. He may not have the answer but he is sure he can put you in touch with someone near you who does.

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