The last embrace - stunted...
The last embrace - stunted...


The last embrace -
as limbs are torn away,
the idea of love itself
cast into a vacuum.
The renewed gods
drink away self-identity
as if, they were sucking 
the last bit of sweetness 
from a creamy shake,
unleashing that empty echo
that might produce a tear
if people could still care.

Across the gulf of blackness
the last refugees find sanctuary within
Feynman’s Free Thinkers Cafe and Motel.
Here, the last intelligentsia 
bemoans a society 
that laughed at educated minds,
that persecuted those outside the mainline.
Embracing instead 
the emptiness of divine promises.

© 2015 By Duane Kirby Jensen, 
46 x 60 Acrylic on Canvas

(These are working and evolving titles)

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